Did you take Peyote?

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Today Billie Williams shares her interview with my answer to the question: did you take peyote?

Hello Guests, Today I have the privilege of interviewing an author with an incredible new book out. If you wonder about Sorcerers, and Dreamers, if you wonder about finding the you inside and what you are capable of, I invite you to set aside any skepticism you may have and read about Alysa Braceau, prepared to be fascinated.

Hi Alysa,
I’m so delighted to have the chance to feature you on my blog, but even more so I find your life so interesting. From Social Work to Journalist and now author of this incredible book.

Do you think you were always headed toward writing this book?
Yes, I think so. I always had the feeling I was going to write about something like dreaming, healing and spiritual growth. Ever since my childhood, I had many dreams or visions telling me about my capacities about healing and dreaming, about my future and about people around me. I felt a strong connection with my spiritual ancestors. For me, it was impossible to deny there is so much more beyond this life we are leading.

I guess the question I should ask first is, do you believe you were ‘chosen’ at birth or that people need to be ‘chosen’ at birth to become a sorcerer?
I don’t think it is a coincidence that I had these intensive dreams telling me about this path I mentioned in the previous question and that I met my benefactor and teacher Running Deer.
Regarding your question: he told me once (and I describe that in my book) that the conditions had to be perfect to meet a benefactor. “You have to look at it this way,’ he said. “As a benefactor, I am a polarity and your spiritual sense picked up on that before you met me that day. You circled around me like a rocket launched into orbit as it were, and finally you were in luck.” Of course this sounds pretty bizarre and also a bit funny at the same time, but that’s what he said.
So, from my own experience I can say that you need to have the abilities to be a sorcerer, like to be a dreamer, a stalker or a warrior (there are various possibilities to follow the teachings of the totality). One inherits this knowledge from spiritual ancestors to be able to pass this knowledge but the good news is that people can learn this skill of dreaming very well if they are interested and willing to learn more about it.

Could you illuminate just a bit on how you perceive this ‘new’ way to train women sorcerers as opposed to what was traditionally used for training. What difference is there between training a male sorcerer and a female sorcerer?
The new training was done among others that I do in everyday life. My story takes place in the middle of the city, and the things we face everyday – cooking, cleaning, telling bedtime stories etc. Even though my book is ‘exotic’ people can identify with me and even more because they can do the dreaming practices I describe and they can get results in mastering conscious dreaming within a few weeks.
Besides that, I reveal more about the purpose of mastering conscious dreaming which leads one to totality: to reach this point you have to face your spiritual, physical and emotional blocks and work on them to release them. The reader can decide to do these (or other) practices I’m presenting too. Releasing blocks gives one the chance to become a totally free person.
Recently someone sent me an e-mail, telling me that by reading my book, she felt she was running at high-speed towards totality as if she was developing along with me without any effort.

How much were you influenced by Carlos Castaneda in making your choice for this journey and the ultimate discoveries you made?
I could definitely feel this was the path I wanted to follow. This was when I met my dreaming teacher Running Deer who suggested I follow the teachings of totality. This was my chance to learn more about the knowledge I was waiting for. Beforehand, I had no specific goals regarding discoveries in comparison to Castaneda. It was ‘just’ that my teacher told me that he was capable of leading me towards the totality within two-and-a-half years. I felt attracted to that goal and I went for that. He also told me that there were big differences in the paths to follow.
Explicitly he said: “You cannot compare the two traditions because there are different teaching methods.” I explain that in more detail in the book.
Regarding your question about the discoveries I made about what you can achieve as a sorcerers-apprentice, that has to do with your natural abilities and also (very important to mention again) that you have to put effort in it to face your blocks and release them. I found out how important it is to free myself from convictions, fears, trauma’s etcetera but that became more clear to me in a later stage.

Peyote has been used by tribes in the Southwest for as long as I can find, is it still? Some would call it a hallucinatory drug. Why would you dare to use it and believe it wouldn’t be the same as say, using LSD?
I didn’t use Peyote but Psilocybe Mexicana. He is introduced by my teacher Running Deer aka Vidar as a cosmic ancestor. I saw the entity in my dreaming and my teacher explained to me that I was chosen to be a candidate of the knowledge of the second reality. My teacher told me that the entity would guide me to the unknown. Vidar told me that his characteristic is cosmic love and beauty and that I could see him as a close friend or family member.
Before meeting the entity to be able to travel to the unknown I had to go through a procedure to clean my body and mind, this took months. Vidat explained: “The second reality is a completely different reality. You need to be strong as iron, because your intellect cannot cope when confronted with the second reality.”
Using holy mushrooms is not without danger, I would not recommend that people use it just for fun. I was not afraid, because I was prepared and accompanied very well by Vidar. I had a goal but I knew that I would be tough – and so it was.

If someone were to ask, what would you say makes you different than a witch or wiccan?
Depending of the meaning you give to the word witch you could probably call a sorceress a witch, but a witch doesn’t have to be a sorceress. Wiccan is more of a religion with its own rituals and ceremonies. Sorcerery is about mastering the first everyday reality and the boundless second reality of creativity and dreaming along with the ability to separate the realities. A sorcerer is busy enlightening the whole universe and healing the dark places with one’s intention.

Is there anything else you would care to share with our readers?
I would like to share that you can also find out more about the connection between mastering conscious dreaming and rising sexual energy. I think that might be an interesting topic for readers to know more about. It can also take your dreaming to a new level.
This excerpt gives you information about the connection between the two: http://www.dreamshield.nl/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=5&Itemid=4

Do tell us where we can find your book and are you planning book signing tours or speaking engagements?
Thank you. You can find my book on Amazon, other online book stores and through my publisher – Booklocker. These are some of the links:
The book can be ordered on Amazon – http://www.amazon.com/Sorcerers-Dream-Dreamshield-Alysa-Braceau/dp/1609101561 and other online book stores.
And I would be delighted to do book signing tours and speaking engagements, you can send requests via my e-mail: alysa@dreamshield.nl

Thank you so much for being a guest on Printed Words I wish you much success.
Thank you very much for your interest in my work and for your great questions. Best of luck to you and your visitors.
Love, Dreamshield

The Sorcerer’s Dream by Dreamshield
Buy it at:http://www.booklocker.com/books/4654.html

The book can also be ordered on Amazon – http://www.amazon.com/Sorcerers-Dream-Dreamshield-Alysa-Braceau/dp/1609101561 and everywhere they sell books

Website Dreamshield: http://www.dreamshield.nl

ISBN: 978-1-60910-156-5


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