What about lucid dreaming and astral traveling

Dear visitors, Today Dyann Garris from TheVoiceofTheAngels.com, a place where you connect with your Angels and Spirit Guides, posted an interview with me. She questioned me about conscious dreaming and astral traveling.


Dyan Garris: What is conscious dreaming?
Conscious dreaming is dreaming while being aware that you are dreaming. Another name for conscious dreaming is lucid dreaming. If you dream consciously you have control over events, or at least the realization that you can control the situation. There are techniques to learn this and I describe these techniques in my book, “Dreamshield.” There will be a day when you can instruct yourself to dream about something, for example; to fly like a bird or to meet a deceased loved one.

What is astral traveling?
Astral travelers can have the sensation of having an existence separate from one’s physical body, and being able to stand outside of oneself, looking at the reality from another view point. Astral Travel and out of body experiences (OOBEs) are similar to conscious dreaming. But, it is not the same because conscious dreaming is the art of controlled dreaming. I understand from what I’ve read, Astral traveling happens spontaneously. That doesn’t mean a conscious dreamer can’t have the same sensations and experiences as an astral traveler and vice versa.

What is a shaman?
There are many definitions of what a shaman is but in general you can say that a shaman acts as a medium between the visible world and the invisible spirit world; getting in contact with the spirits of the beginning and to pick up (among others) information about and for purposes of healing.

What is an assemblage point?

The assemblage point is the ultimate place of perception. Call it a concentrated sense of perception. It is usually, but not necessarily located at the height of the shoulder blades. The assemblage point should be flexible instead of being fixated. To give an example: children don’t perceive the world as fixed as we do, they are more open for dreaming and creativity. As soon as you start to learn and understand the meaning of the words, the assemblage point starts to fixate more and more. The more definitions, the more solid your assemblage point. In the course of years, a child becomes more and more fixated on the definition of this reality, and when you become fixated you lose more and more capacity to look to the world with an open mind.

What is a totem and what is its significance? Please give us an example.
There are many definitions for a totem. In my book, I mention totem animals. They are entities and guides I met in a ceremony to be my roadmap leading me into totality. My dreaming teacher Vidar explained that the spirits of totems enlighten your potential. Besides being your guide to totality, the totems represent a certain cosmic knowledge which gives insight into your capabilities and which you can perceive in your energy field even after the ceremony.

What is the difference between a dream and a vision?
If you master your dreaming, ordinary dreams will come to a halt (I describe this process in my book) and will be replaced by the dreaming of the spirit. Ordinary dreams come to a stop and disappear because they are primitive and take up too much energy. As you master your dreaming, you will have dreams of medicine and visions that guide you into the totality.

Should people journal about their dreams and why or why not?
Learning to dream consciously really starts with attentiveness, being aware of your surroundings and your actions in daily life. By writing down your dreams and including all the details, it what happened in the dream becomes more clear and that gives you an overall awareness. From my experience if you consciously deal with your dreams, you will find out that your dreams develop and you become conscious in your dreams.

Can we use dreaming to effect healing, and if so, how?
There are various methods to use dreaming to effect healing. In my book, I describe the technique to heal your inner child because during the process of mastering conscious dreaming you can take the challenge to face your spiritual, physical and emotional blocks and work to release them. Letting go of these blocks gives you the experience of freedom and with freedom you can experience totality. At that point one discovers and become consciously aware that you are the creator of your own reality.

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