Twilight: The border between waking and dreaming is wafer-thin.

Julie Achterhoff’s blog shared the next excerpt during the virtual blog tour of my book The Sorcerer’s Dream. Here I am at the point in my learning process that I am able to wake conscious from one dream into another, which was indicated beforehand by being stuck between doors in a dream. My dreaming teacher Vidar said that being stuck in between doors suggests becoming stuck in between two realities, “that is to be expected during a certain phase of the training. You will automatically experience this.”

‘I tell Vidar it felt spectacular to be fully conscious and waking into another dream. Conscious dreaming gives me a rush. The experience has given me renewed energy to jump into the following experience. However, the same problem presents itself time and again. When the awareness fully hits and I look forward and contemplate how to shape the reality, I quickly have to decide as I realize I am slowly running out of dream energy. In the end the border between waking and dreaming is wafer-thin.

Vidar had discouraged me to look into Castaneda, but I could not help looking up how he handled it. I read in The Art of Dreaming, that Don Juan advised him to blink his eyes and to glance at his dream-characters briefly, preserving the dream longer. I practice blinking my eyes first in everyday reality and soon I saw results in a lucid dream where I meet my mother. As the technique prescribes, I take brief glances of my surroundings and look at my mother from the side, not fixated at all. My mother walks along a circle from the north to the east and I walk behind her on the right in the inner circle and ask her quickly: “How are you?” I blink my eyes obsessively.
“Not too well,” she answers and gives me a careful smile, hinting at depression. As I blink my eyes, I have to conclude that she really does look awful. I miss her terribly. She died over a year ago due to breast cancer, but not a day goes by that I don’t think of her. In the limited dreamtime that is left, we share our feelings and forge a bond. It feels as though I met her in the flesh.
“Well done” Vidar compliments. “You used the flashing eye-technique, dismantling and fixating the dream.” I ask him concerned, why my mother is ill, even now that she has passed away.
“Perhaps that was the way to draw your attention.” He has got a point there. Whenever she felt ill, we would all rush to her.
“Your mother is one of your ancestors,” he continues “and in that capacity she transfers knowledge to you.”
In a following dream, my mother speaks to me when I drive through the city in my car. Her voice sounds clear in my head. As we drive underneath an overpass, I ask her: “Where are you?”
“In your whole legacy,” she replies.
“What do you mean?” I ask her excited. I am afraid to miss what she has to say because of the noise of the overpass. “I can’t explain,” she says.
“Why not?” I ask her. “By the way, you’re not even my mother,” I suddenly say defensively. “You sound different.” I conclude that she has a different tone of voice. When we get out from underneath the overpass, the voice says: “I am your most beloved mother.” And then I understand. She is the universal mother.

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