The healing of your inner child

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Today Dreamtree, a resource centre for dreamers shares an expert from the Sorcerer’s Dream.
It’s about the healing of your inner child!


Excerpt from The Sorcerer’s Dream

Vidar stares out in front of himself for a moment and says: “Recently a nine-year-old girl came up to me. She asked me for help because she was lost. She doesn’t understand the world around her; especially her father’s reactions are incomprehensible.”

No need for an elaborate explanation, I am the nine-year-old girl.

“I saw the way your father shouted at you and found it unbearable to watch. Time and again, the girl opened herself up for love, but finally closed her heart to stop getting hurt. A child consists of love,” he continues. “When you hurt a child deliberately, they shut down. People who were maltreated as a child can end up in the same pattern later in their life. They meet a partner who hurts them and think that is love. The absence of love in your youth hurts and causes you to be hard hit later in life as well.”

“You have to go and get the girl,” Vidar says, “she’s in an unknown space and she doesn’t know the way out. She needs to feel safe and a place to heal.”

That’s all I want. “But how do I handle that?”

“Remember the situation when you felt rejected and try to visualize it as vivid as possible and call upon your ancestors. Call her, ask her where she is and travel to her with your dream body and take her to your inviolable space to heal. You were taught about dreaming and therefore you know how your dream body operates outside your body. Tell her not to be afraid, tell her you are the master of fear. Give her your love and say: experience it and absorb it, I will take your fears away now. After that you draw healing symbols on the girl and in your environment.” He adds that it is essential that you are not fixated during your travels or distracted. “Emotions are an obstacle which could make you stop.”

According to Vidar, picking up the girl is a quest or a chivalrous voyage through unknown territory with your knowledge and intent.

Not long after that I remember a feeling of being misunderstood and rejected by my father and I made the decision to go and get the girl.

Ever since then my inner child feels noticed because now she comes knocking more frequently. One night, right before I fall asleep, I hear her crying. Only then I realized that she cried more often in the twilight-zone, but I had always quietly slept through it. Regularly images pass by, unprocessed events from the past, memories, often right before a feeling of fear, loneliness, depression, anger or rejection. I push my reluctance aside and intend to listen to her from now on. Sometimes I avoid her for days or weeks, but eventually I sit down, take her along to my inviolable space and ask the girl (who skips from one age to another, from young to old and back) what she is trying to tell me. As soon as I brought new insights to the surface, I integrate her in myself and in most cases I feel much lighter afterwards.’
About Alysa Baceau, Dreamshield

Dreamshield (Alysa Braceau) studied social work and is a freelance journalist who writes for newspapers and magazines. She has a Healing Practice and gives workshops about the Art of Mastering Conscious Dreaming and Dream Healing.


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