About the Sorcerer’s Dream

The Sorcerer’s Dream
An Initiation into the Sorcerer’s World

In the tradition of Carlos Castaneda, Dreamshield takes the reader to the stage of ‘Monumental Beauty.’ In this book she reveals steps to mastering conscious dreaming and traveling to the unknown, following the teachings of the enigmatic sorcerer Running Deer.

Beyond Carlos Castaneda. The author describes her initiation into the surrealistic world of dreaming and magic. In the heart of Amsterdam, a thrilling stride unfolds in obtaining the knowledge of the Second Reality on the way to the ultimate goal: finding the Totality of the Self!

Learn more about the next topics: Mastering conscious dreaming, traveling to the unknown, building your dream body, dreaming practices, dreaming and the meaning of sexual energy and the healing of your inner child.


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