Travel with your dream body – how to lucid dream

Today Brummet’s conscious blog ( shares my information on how to dream consciously: Travel with your dreambody.

— Conscious Dreaming —

–Quote of the Day —

“The limit of your present understanding
Is not the limit of your possibilities.”

~ Guy Finely

Travel with your dream body – Learn to dream consciously

Conscious (lucid) dreaming gives you a great feeling. If you dream consciously (dreaming while being aware that you are dreaming), you have control over events. Or at least the realization that you can control the situation. There will be a day that you can instruct yourself to dream about something; to fly like a bird or to meet a deceased loved one.

Learning to dream consciously really starts with attentiveness, being aware of your surroundings and your actions in daily life. And by writing down your dreams and to leave no detail behind it becomes clearer what has happened in the dream and that gives you an overall awareness. If you are aware of this reality and consciously deal with your dreams, you will find out that your dreams develop and that you become conscious in your dreams.

In my book The Sorcerer’s Dream I describe techniques by which you can achieve conscious dreaming in about 4 weeks. And to give you a fore taste: with the technique described below you build so much energy to develop a dream body by which you can travel outside known reality to the boundless second reality of dreaming and creativity. And it finally takes you to totality where will you discover and be aware that you are creating your own reality.

Finding the dream stone

With the following exercise, you make the first step to develop a dream body, the step to conscious dreaming.

Take any kind of stone and study it in detail, you need to know it inside out, every line, every dent, every outline. Then visualize the stone between your inner eye – the place between your eyebrows. Practice as long as it takes to get it in your mind and aim at finding the stone in dreaming within the next ten days. And then you start counting down the days until you find it. When you don’t find it within that time then you start all over again, until you get it right.

Before going to sleep you look at the stone in detail and place it somewhere near, close your eyes and visualize the stone on the inside of your inner eye. Then it is important to become conscious of the moment right before you fall asleep. At that specific moment you visualize the stone immediately inside your inner eye and you will find out that you get dream flashes which you can fixate or stop as an exercise in order to start mastering your dreams.

It’s actually enough to have the intention to be conscious and that you will stop your dreaming before falling asleep. Attempt it. Aim to wake up consciously every morning and let your inner eye visualize the stone. Pick up the stone and move it closer from an arm’s length to the tip of your nose as if the stone is coming towards you. And do not forget to repeat to yourself that you will find the stone.

Good luck – May your dreams come true!


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