Holy mushrooms in a dreaming ceremony

Hi readers, Today I share my guest post on Rick Review (http://rhodesreview.com/). See their review of The Sorcerer’s Dream coming soon. The Sorcerer’s Dream is a true story of my initiation into the Native American sorcerer’s tradition. In this book you read unique steps to master the art of lucid dreaming and spiritual healing.
This path is in the tradition of Carlos Castaneda (and others), he described the first line of knowledge, coming from the Toltecs and Aztecs. In this book you can learn more about the feature of the Native American second line tradition: the path of Monumental Beauty.
In this tradition you learn how to master your dreaming by rising your sexual energy. Besides my experiences with that I also share my experiences with magic mushrooms and explain about their identity and role in traditional dreaming ceremonies.
In the next excerpt my dreaming teacher, shaman and sorcerer Vidar announces I am chosen to meet Mateeë, the entity who will guide me to the unknown! So please let me introduce you to Mateeë.


Vidar gets up and walks to the stove, puts a pan of water on the heat and rasps ginger for chai tea. We usually do not talk until he is finished, concentrating for the full one hundred percent on making an impeccable cup of tea, as he calls it.
But there are exceptions to the rule, because as he stands at the right part of the corner counter, and opens the cupboard above the kitchen sink to grab two mugs, he says, “everything will be different from now on.”
The uncertain silence that follows keeps me from asking anymore. I wait eagerly. Will he introduce a new apprentice, is he quitting, will I have another teacher…? Shortly after, he places the mugs on the table in front of me, takes his seat and dictates, “Write down a new heading with ‘candidate.’” I hardly ever do anything when I am ordered to, but I gladly make an exception for him.
“You have become a candidate of Mateeë,” he continues. I ask what that means as he blows away the first damp of his tea.
“Mateeë, that’s a mushroom,” he says. “The entity you saw in your dreaming.”
He mentions his name with respect and dignity as he looks down and folds his hands in his lap. “Mateeë has chosen you as the candidate, which he indicated in this dreaming.” He looks at me lovingly and says, “You are a candidate of the knowledge of the second reality,” adding explicitly, “realize how unique it is to be chosen.” I feel honored even though I fail to see the meaning.
“Mateeë will guide you to the unknown; he teaches you how to shift your assemblage point.” His eyes are glowing. “His characteristic is cosmic love and beauty. He teaches you that this reality is not the only one. Mateeë is a signpost into the second reality and he is our cosmic relative. See him as a close friend or family member.” With a warm voice and a dim smile on his face, he adds with a dreamy glance: “They are really very kind.”
Vidar looks at me. Sounding authoritative, he says there is a strict acceptance procedure before you may continue. “Write this down, during the acquaintance you have to go through four phases.” Sitting on the edge of my chair, I feel tension and excitement at the same time. I do not want to miss one word of what he has to say. “The first meeting is depicted by the love of the entity.”
“And that has already happened?” I ask.
He nods.
“During the following meeting, he will look you in the eye, walk up to you and stay silent.”
“But hold on, how do I recognize him, I mean, what does he look like…like a grandfather?”
“Mateeë has several shapes of appearance,” he says calmly, “you have seen him as a grandfather, and that is very possible, because he is a cosmic ancestor, but actually he could come to you in all shapes or forms.” He leaves no doubt, when he says, “During the third phase he walks in circles around you,” as he draws a circle on the table with his finger. “And then he places a hand on your shoulder, right over the assemblage point. When he hits you on the shoulder this means you are going to try Mateeë.”
“Eat it?”
“Whatever happens during the introduction, pretend nothing is going on. Some sort of drama could be taking place in front of you, but when or how it happens nobody knows,” he says without a trace of secrecy.
“But be prepared, because they always catch you on your weakest point.”
Vidar examines me. “When it happens, you need to look fixated without making the slightest movement because you need an immovable posture to reach your totality.”
Then Vidar says there are three exceptions in the introduction phase and successively puts up his thumb, index- and middle finger. “One – You will not be chosen after seeing the entity because you will faint of fright. Two – The entity points at you from a distance. Three – The entity comes to me and points you out.” My teacher emphasizes once more that these are the exceptions, not the rule.
“Let’s hope so,” I mumble, because I like to go for the rule, not the exception.

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The Sorcerer’s dream, an initiation into the sorcerer’s world and mastering conscious dreaming. Buy it at:

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