Is Lucid Dreaming dangerous?

Hi readers, Ten questions about lucid dreaming from Rick Rhodes Reviews are waiting to be answered. Rick will post them this week on his blog but for now I give you the answer to one of his exciting questions:
Is Lucid Dreaming dangerous? I’ve heard others say that it’s messing with dark forces.

Dreamshield: Lucid dreaming is a very exiting experience and it gives you a great feeling to be able to control your dreams. To fly like a bird or to meet a deceased loved one.
Almost every can learn how to lucid dream with the techniques I describe in my book. But there is also a step beyond if you want to enter the boundless unknown. Therefore you first have to master your dreams.

During my initiation into the Sorcerer’s world one of the steps beyond was to take magic mushrooms in a dreaming ceremony. You have to be ready to meet the entity, the holy mushroom who guides you to the unknown. It can be very dangerous if you don’t have someone to teach and guide you during this process because you are challenged and confronted with your fears. To enter the second reality, the boundless reality you need not only to master your dreams, you also need to be inviolable. This means you must stay calm and independent in every given situation, untouched by your past. The second reality is a completely different reality. You need to be strong as iron, because your intellect cannot cope when confronted with the boundless unknown. You have to train yourself to always be the same, irrespective of any given situation.

I would like to share the next excerpt from my book The Sorcerer’s Dream after I took holy mushrooms in a special ceremony which is presented to those who are following the teachings of Totality. One of the features of this ceremony is experiencing an intellectual death and to let go your fears (and to heal yourself) to be able to travel into the unknown and to reach the totality of the Self. Finally you will discover you are the creator of your own reality!


‘My life has been scattered in hundred thousand pieces. My life, I have complained and nagged about it so many times, but I would die to return to it. From a distance I see myself lying motionless on my right side and finally realize I am dead. I have always been curious about how it would be and now I have come this far. Now I know your spirit just continues living. From a distance I watch my past life. I had a wonderful life, but I just did not see it and what was I worrying about? The worst thing is the fact that my daughter has a future without a mother. I feel guilty. What a way to say goodbye.
I have lost my physical body, but some way or other I have the sense that my torso has been turned and my legs are somewhere behind my head and I wonder how to get it back in shape. Slowly it dawns on me that I have left the world and ended up in the second reality.
My life passes by like a circus, only now I count my blessings.
Now there is nothing left but me and the extremely dull everlasting present. Only now I understand the meaning of the often heard expression ‘it doesn’t matter who you are or what you do as long as you are happy and you mean something to others.’ No matter how small. It seemed a sort of platitude and a cliché, but it is true. I look back on a life in which I was very busy, fretted about the tiniest details and lashed out at everything.’

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